Rhin-O-Tuff Coil Binding System 3000`

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Product Description

The Rhin-O-Tuff Coil Binding System 3000 is the world’s first desktop coil binding machine that combines electric punching, coil insertion and crimping into a compact, modern design perfect of all office and small print shop environments. Intuitive controls provide a simple way for today’s professionals to turn loose pages into impressive looking documents in three easy steps. The Rhin-O-Tuff 3000 is compatible with nearly all brands of coil bindings. It punches, inserts and crimps coil booklets from 6mm to 50MM (440sheets) without tools or separate machines. This Rhin-O-Tuff 3000 Desktop Electric Coil Binding Machine with Inserter and Crimper is backed witch a 1-Year Warranty.

Product Details

  • Reliable Power Punching. Punches up to 20 sheets of 20lb. bond with punch button or hands-free foot pedal.
  • Smart Design. Full-size, dual coil rollers improve binding efficiency. Larger oval punch pins can improve coil insertion time by up to 50%.
  • Power Crimper. Built-in electric crimper eliminates the need for cumbersome hand crimpers or pliers.
  • Intuitive Controls. LED panel and controls guide users through the binding process.
  • Foot Pedal Control Switch. Easy, hands-free punching & crimping.
  • Selectable  Punch Pins. Easily pull/push pins.
  • Margin Control Dial. Push & turn dial for correct punch margin for each coil diameter.
  • Paper Chad Waste Drawer. Clear window allows user to view drawer for emptying.
  • Adjustable Edge Guides. Ensure centered punching & crimping.
  • Open-ended Punch Throat. Punch longer documents up to 23.4”.
  • Control Buttons. 1-Touch punch button& coil rollers On/Off button.
  • Full-Length Dual Coil Rollers. Electric top roller works with passive bottom roller to easily feed coil through oval holes.
  • Coil Roller Adjustment Dial. Dial turns to easily adjust for varying coil sizes.
  • Power Crimper Shield. Clear shield holds coils in place during crimping.
  • Power Crimper Adjustment Dial. Dial adjusts crimper knives based upon coil diameter, ensuring a perfect crimp every time.

Item Specifications

  • Punching Operation: Electric (Foot Pedal/Punch Button)
  • Punching Capacity: Up to 20 Sheets (20lb. Bond)
  • Inserting Operation: Electric (On/Off Switch)
  • Binding Capacity: Up to 2" (Electric) or 440 Sheets (20lb. Bond)
  • Crimping Operation: Electric (Foot Pedal)
  • Crimp Capacity: 6mm - 50mm Diameter Coils
  • Hole Size/Pitch: Oval (4mm x 5mm); 4:1 Pitch with .2475" hole center spacing
  • Selectable Dies: All 47 Pins
  • Punching Length: Up to 23.4"
  • Weight: 65 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 18.3" x 18" x 12" (W x D x H)
  • Warranty: 1 Year

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